About Us


RR Apparels (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in the early part of 1950’s and the present management took over the unit in the year 1978. RR Apparels is a family owned business. The current result and outcome of RR Apparels is because of the continuous effort of all brothers together forming one solid organization that is capable of facing any challenge.

RR Apparels specializes in manufacturing value added knitwear products used in world class promotional campaigns and also deals in corporate wears. In addition, RR Apparels can also deliver quality woven garments and home textile products. In all, there is more than 50 years of working experience behind the success of RR Apparels.

RR Apparels is responsible to complete the entire process of making the garment and deliver as per the requirement. The manufacturing facility possesses state-of-the-art machines, skilled workforce, vast experienced technicians and staff. All this gives a smooth flow to production, which ends up giving finest quality products in time. RR Apparels is ready to move into the new era of style and fashion.


RR Apparels (Pvt) Ltd. has been at the forefront in finest quality knitting manufacturing for the past 50 years. The Textile Industry in Pakistan though has faced with tough competition in the international market due to various changes & reasons throughout this time period. Our company plans to overcome these and other upcoming challenges by maximum capacity utilization, cost minimization and best quality production as well as vertically diversifying our product lines with appropriate usage of research and development.

Mission Statement

We aim to be one of the finest vertically integrated Garment Producers of Pakistan specializing in knitted and woven, and also home Textile products while providing the best possible service, value and quality to all our customers.