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Dailymotion. Oddly enough, I didn't like that one at first, because of the number of song clones that it featured - it always gave me the impression that Sound House, who produced that package and the three predecessor ones (News & Information Station, Hit Music Radio and Great Music Radio), somehow ran out of ideas midway through recording the jingles and opted to do the song clones instead!. also check these sites out: DISCLAIMER: Huntsville Rewound™ is NOT sanctioned by, nor is it produced under the auspices of any city or company. The stream names change randomly every few hours so you can't just add them to the web radios list and be done with it. JAM Creative Productions used the Model D from 1974 forward. PAMS Jingles Sampler # 3 - Here's another great sample of PAMS jingles. Jingles made for the tobacco-sponsored show of Bennie Brown on Cable One. The reason jingles from PAMS were used was that the Musicians' Union would not agree to a single fee for the singers and musicians if the jingles were made "in-house" by the BBC; they wanted repeat fees each time one was played. In November 1990 JAM created a series of custom jingles for the VH-1 cable network. I have found that the key to running a website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your subject matter. pams jingles series 33 Series 44A and 44B combined contained 55 jingles as described in the lyric sheets. I love Hot Hits and I miss it. 12) For Internet Web Page. KDWB 2007 – KDWB Starter Kit from ReelWorld ONE. mp3 96 mins. It begins with samples of Series 17, The New Frontier, first syndicated in 1961. 4. These reference tapes make an exuberant and sparkling tribute to two of the very best PAMS series. NBC chimes (de-noised by CEDAR), dozens of Monitor jingles not included on other CDs and the entire PAMS 1972 NBC/Monitor jingle package. But he was quite famous for creating radio jingles in the '60s (e. WKYC PAMS Series 32 (6:16) 4. Bill died in 1999. WKYC PAMS Series 34 (8:33) 8. It was not one of PAMS numbered series which were generally done for Top 40 stations. There may be additional jingles which were created as part of this package. mp3 42,314,882. Since the original 1970 Moog theme was never changed, AT-40 stayed with it. Series 4 was the first variable length station ID. WQAM Jingles Needed I am desperately looking for the following WQAM jingle packages: • Ullman “One-derful” Series • Pepper Fun Series • CRC Series 34 Holiday Series • Futursonic Time and Temperature Jingles • PAMS Series 25D “Cheerleaders” - Male Vocals • PAMS Series 17 and 18 - Instrumental Cuts • A 1963 package by a group called the Skipjacks It was a complete set of PAMS creates jingle packages for radio stations worldwide. Series 3 was a disk jockey introduction. ' PAMS had recently installed a new, custom-b I discovered your 100 Sonovox Jingles (1980) | Stereofound page and noticed you could have a lot more traffic. They did play some cuts from 31, but also many from Series 34. D. PAMS was the original jingle company that started the radio jingles business in 1951. The jingles were aired in 1967. Over an hour of PAMS jingles from 1962-1964. 3 September – Simon Mayo leaves the Radio 1 Breakfast Show after five years in the chair, as Simon moves to mid-mornings. com). This package, recorded August 17, 1960, was called Dramatic Signatures and featured cuts ranging from 5 to 33 seconds in Downloads from Jingles. This site is in no way related to PAMS of Dallas and their Numbered Series list. Good sounding station although I thought the jingles sounded sped up. Bass singer Jim Clancy began singing jingles in the late 1950s for PAMS but after an absence, returned to take a full-time position in the late 1960s. 16 August – 20 September – Loud'n'proud, a series presented by DJ Paulette, is the UK's first national radio series aimed at a gay audience. Louis WIL Series 16, 20 and country jingles, KXOK Series 31, 30 and 1968 Custom packages. Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm, mornings on SIRIUS XM 60's on 6. Research suggests that we spend 58 minutes a week humming or singing These "bootleg" stations donated their purchased jingles to AFVN, who had draftee SP4 Gary Gears as the AFVN Saigon production man (1967-1969). There are also four excellent and complete versions of the Monitor Beacon for complete authenticity. Do you have any WAKY jingles or other on-air production to share? Drop us a line. This CD does provide an economical way to get a sampling of many of the most popular PAMS jingles. Smith, IV Yep, the Sonovox was all over those classic PAMS jingles of the Sixties, and it was also used as the voice of the train in Disney's Dumbo. WHYN – PAMS Series 18; WHYN – PAMS Series 33; WIL; WING – PAMS Series 31 Air Versions; WIP; WKWX – Tanner Simple and Free; WMCA – Anita Kerr custom; WORD – PAMS Series 34 (Part 1) WORD – PAMS Series 34, Series 36; WRCP – Pepper Tanner Music American Style; WROC Rochester – Tanner Simple and Free; WSAI – TM Half Brass; WSGN WFIL PAMS Series 34 "Music Power" (click here) WWBZ CRC Series 43 "The Sound Is" (click here) WABC PAMS Series 33 "Just for Fun" (click here) WCAO Pepper "It's What's Happening" (click here) WPOP PAMS Series 30 "The 'N Set" (click here) WIBG TM "Where Your Friends Are" (click here) WBZ CRC 8 "On the Go Radio" (click here) KDAT Cedar Rapids 2002 – ReelWorld’s WLIT 2001 jingles sound great on AC stations around the world, including KDAT in Cedar Rapids. WKYC PAMS Holidaze (1:50) 6. The first (1970) AT-40 package was slowly phased back in by December, 1975. Every jingle on "PAMS Classics, Volume 1" is included in The Magic of PAMS. See how many you might have heard. I discussed it with a couple of radio friends, because it was just so great to hear one of my favorite jocks from the 1970's, still sounding good. :12. KQV PAMS PAMS was quick to assemble a package of Beatles sound-alike jingles, so much so, they appeared as an addendum to Series 26 'Let's Go America' rather than a package unto itself. mp3 51,585,567 FILE 33-Basie Thanks to so many people for providing so many of these airchecks. Series 33, "Fun", was produced by PAMS in 1967. 1) Dallas 2004 – Sunny 97. 4:45. 1956 WKMH, Dearborn, Michigan Robin Seymour. The music was then customised by PAMS adding 'wonderful Big L' and 'wonderful Radio London' using a Sonovox-effect voice. I have tried to include the more imaginative versions of the jingles, with cool lyrics variations, or rare Radio/TV stations around the globe. Changes were frequently made to the demo versions before the final cuts were put on the air. 1967 brought Series 34A, 'THE TENTH DIMENSION' or alternately know as 'THE POWER OF LOVE. WKYC PAMS Series 33 (8:50) 7. KQV PAMS Series 26 You're Swingin' High Fun Lovin KQV 5. 00305) For Internet Web Page. station: company: package: config: y/m/d: other: 103. #C-19 Spirit of St. #CC-03 CHUM 1050 Toronto Volume II [CDR] Includes Series 31, 33/33, 34, three sets of a capellas, My Station Is, 40/43/44/45, sonovox and our own stereo 1988 assortment. . Deane Johnson Archives - Audio, Radio, Trains. KQV Intermountain Here Comes Mr. Robin came to the suburban Detroit station from the Armed Forces Radio Network and he brought with him a voice that mixed the warm, confidential tone of an intimate friend with the slick disc jockey rap we all know today, a blend which made him a The Pams Jingles Radio 1 used in 1967/8 were a rip off of the Radio London's Pams package of 1966/7 I'm sure you will know that, It was only Blackburn who could get away with using the Pams edits from the Offshore Stations back then but not the A'Go Go Pams because the BBC thought they were too American, I'll see if I can dig out some cuts a This CD contains cuts from both the Drake Series 1 and Series AA jingles (mostly voiced Top Of The Hour with the Series 1 legal ID; most not voiced by Drake but a couple sound like they were) (only a handful of the non-legal ID jingles from both Series 1 and AA) and a very old KSTN jingle package from the 50's (Color Radio KSTN - NOT the famous History of Smith Broadcasting WBRC in Birmingham, Radio Stations, WAAY-TV and HiWAAY Internet Services (v 4. Included are the voices of Andy Archer, Alan Clarke, Lion Keezer, Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale, Don Allen, jingles and programme extracts. This is a really good example. Dave Burton, Fred Bourajaily, Bob DeCarlo ,Greg Gears, Mark Mervick, Aaron Mintz (for the KQV Coverage of the Beatles), Bob Wilson, Clarke Ingram, WT Koltek, Bob Wood, Dex Allen, Bob Shannon, Dennis Burns, Paul Carlson, Jim McLaughlin, John Rieger, Bob Celli, Ed Vance, Timothy G Adams, Art Vuolo and so many others for airchecks radio programs cds thousands of radio airchecks over many decades Trella Hart (Series 32, 33), Peyton Park (Series 24, 25, 34, 36) and Gleni Rutherford (many series as part of the group, Series 27 and 29 as a soloist) helped PAMS establish a unique brand. The sonovox 'stab' in WKLO was from PAMS Series #18. radio jingles a go-go Seattle Washington Radio KJR- PAMS Series 33- Fun Vibrations WSGN AM 610 BIRMINGHAM- PAMS JINGLES, SERIES 34- "THE POWER OF LOVE" This classic and glistening composite of PAMS jingles customized for Gordon McLendon 's KILT in Houston includes selections from four of the most successful PAMS Series of all time. First, there is Series 34-C, with the stock "music power" lyric. This demo tape contained an acapella vocal group demonstrating several possible variations on the WDRC musical logo for PAMS Series #33 - the Fun Vibrations package, but the sale was not completed and these cuts were never used. This was the first ID package to break away from the highly memorable “WKNR, Keener 13” melody. Stream WDVD PAMS Series 33/32 1968 by Moogologodave from desktop or your mobile device One of the most unique and memorable solo voices to ever appear on PAMS jingles belongs to singer Trella Hart. Yes, the dancers did actually lip-sync to the jingles! The video elements were produced by Fred/Alan Inc. Mel Colorful KQV 10. Their amazing history spans the early 50's right through to the mid 70's. The trouble is that those tracks weren't even cut until 1968. PAMS DJ Themes for Peter McLane and Deane Johnson - 1959: 1:33 (1. KQV PAMS Series 26 KQV Sneak Preview Fun Lovin KQV 6. 'non custom jingles' (from lp) pams: 'series 33a-fun vibrations'/'bbc late night extra jingle'/'all star radio' pristine pams jingles of the south - cd 6;-pams: wcog - dj cuts pams: wcog - series 40. ) The @summer, 1967/PAMS audition sigs for #33 (Dallas) - Clearly, Charlie Parker was looking for a new jingle sound in 1967. mp3 [2. 1980 19th-20th March, . Donate Here! While this site will always remain free, we do have running costs to keep up. KQV Anita Kerr KQV Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 9. This page originally created Oct 2002. Visit Yahoo Help. The jingle section of this web site is one of the most popular. Sad to say he passed away a few years ago. Oh, one more. Thank you for this one. com for sharing this classic 70's jingle package. Yahoo Japan users - please visit Yahoo Help to learn how to add your email address. PAMS Series 29 Jingles for WSAI Cincinnati OH 1965: PAMS Series 31 Demo, 1966: PAMS Series 33 for WKNR, Detroit, 1967: PAMS Series 49 A, B Modulators (WLS, WGAR) Demo: PAMS Shaft Demo, 1972 (KFJZ) Interesting aircheck of the end of Hot Hits WFBL. Having PAMS jingles put us up in the ranks with WABC and all the other top commercial professional stations that were running Series 31, and really gave us a fantastic sound. Written by M. WKNR ‘ PAMS ’ SERIES 33 ON MOTOR CITY RADIO FLASHBACKS From the MCRFB JINGLES archive: PAMS Productions (Jingles), WKNR. PAMS work has been heard on countless stations over the years, including on the early days of BBC Radio 1. WQAM Jingles Needed I am desperately looking for the following WQAM jingle packages: • Ullman “One-derful” Series • Pepper Fun Series • CRC Series 34 Holiday Series • Futursonic Time and Temperature Jingles • PAMS Series 25D “Cheerleaders” - Male Vocals • PAMS Series 17 and 18 - Instrumental Cuts • A 1963 package by a group called the Skipjacks It was a complete set of Stream PAMS Series 33 "Fun Vibrations / Just For Fun" Sampler by Radio Jingles USA from desktop or your mobile device Series 32, "Swizzle", was produced by PAMS in 1966. com & LKYRadio. Cuts: PAMS Series 14, 18, 22, 23; PAMS Series 26, 27, 28; PAMS Series 29, 30, 33, 34, 37, 40; Shouts, A capellas; Shotguns; Jingles You Never Heard on Honey; Montages Band 1 - 6; Bonus Track WJBK PAMS 23 & 15. USED BY RADIO LONDON AND RADIO CAROLINE. Free Download Retro Radio Jumbo Jingles Wmv MP3, Size: 10. You'll hear PAMS Series 17, 18 and 14 on the 50s channel, PAMS Series 34c, 34 and 33 on the 60s channel, Pro/Mod and Priority 1 on the 70s channel, Turbo Z, The Flame Thrower and Warp Factor on the 80s channel, Z+, After Burner and Breakthrough on the 90s channel, and Dance To The Music on Chrome (the classic disco channel). Miscellaneous PAMS Jingle Section . In fact the London land based pirate stations like Radio Jackie (now licensed) and Radio Kaleidoscope also had great jingles that added excitement to their stations sound. These jingles would bring a touch of 'magic' to the station sound and are now regarded as master pieces. wabc pams 33 air versions,trella shouts * good quality wabc pams 33 practice session * wabc pams 33 losers,non-demo,experiments * wabc pams 33a demo * wabc pams 34 harry harrison id's wabc pams 34a demo * wabc pams 34 additional cuts * wabc pams 34b demo * wabc pams 34c demo * The PAMS package Radio 1 used in 1967 was a combination of Series 31, 32 and 33. "). He also produced the series of LPs called "Crusin': A History of Rock 'n Roll Radio" which re-created the sound of various top-40 radio stations, including the songs, jingles and commercials. 16 MB] AIR CHECK - WWII - Tokyo Rose - broadcast on 14Aug44. FILE WABC PAMS Series 44 1972. Series 5 was a group of merchant jingles cut for Chevrolet dealers, and made available to the entire United States. , working with two different video houses in the New York area. com, 1080wklo. PAMS created hundreds of different jingle packages through the years. For You Explore. KQV Anita Kerr Live News At 55 8. If you are looking for the authentic, complete PAMS demos as they were released in the '60s, please consider ordering "The Magic of PAMS", our 10-CD box set collection. The idea was to create a new and very different look for their station IDs. Pams Mp3 Search Mp3 Search Mp3 Download Mp3 Download. Dutch PAMS jingle CD Out Now by Novell · Published May 25, 2009 · Updated May 26, 2009 The Society of Radio jingles and themes presents – CD ‘PAMS in Holland’, the best Dutch resings and remakes from the famous PAMS jingles. Fifty of these cuts have their own CD index for easy cueing. Smith, IV However, the PAMS jingles used by ”Big L”, were modelled on those heard over KLIF’s Dallas competitor branding their station "Wonderful KBOX". WSGN AM 610 BIRMINGHAM- PAMS JINGLES, SERIES 34- 'THE POWER OF LOVE' - Here is another jingle package from PAMS of Dallas; this time for THE BIG 610, WSGN in Birmingham Alabama. by aj78 » 30 Oct 2014, 22:05. Ben Freedman – Radio Veronica 1994 (resing PAMS cuts series # 18 Sonosational, # 27 Jet set, # 29 Go go, # 31 Music explosion, # 33 Fun Vibrations & # 37 Power play). In 2008 XM merged were planned. KEGL (Sunny 97. mp3 280,867. series 18 pams: wcog - wls '76,series 40 pams: weam - acapella grid pams: weam - series 33 pams: weam - acapellas,series 40,clyde,wls '71 pams: wise - shotguns,energy one pams: wkgn - series 18 pams: wkgn - series 26,series 33 Pepper Kwik Sig jingles PAMS My Hometown, series 18, 25-D, series 27, TM Phase II Year Jingles IDS and Production Elements 633 PAMS Series 27, 32, 33 – WLCY Tampa Bay, Florida PAMS - WBT-FM Charlotte, South Carolina PAMS – WBT-FM (1972 composite) 634 JAM – KRNQ (Q102) Des Moines (complete package) JAM – KRNQ (Q102) There was also briefly a "28X" featuring jingles done for KGW. We have cultivated an impressive client base, which includes most of the major players in British broadcasting. Below are links to the best of the numbered series, click any box cover to hear an exclusive montage of various resings done by Pams for that series. Pepper & Tanner's "Countdown" jingle package was so bad, AT-40 went back to the original PAMS Series I jingles (Series II stereo jingles would never be heard again). My favorites back home in Melbourne were The Greater 3UZ and the Includes Series 18, 25, 25D, 27, 28 and 29. These classic jingles sound as good today as they did back in those days. I think the person who responded (as below) has since been deceased. BBC Radio 1 is one of the BBC's two flagship radio stations (the other being BBC Radio 2) , specialising in modern popular music and current chart hits throughout the day. JAM and PAMS are now two companies in one. Radio 1 provides alternative genres after 7 pm, including electronica, dance, hip hop, rock and indie. In time, that latter work was to define the Company. Second, PAMS demo tapes for series that WABC did use frequently contain demo jingles that were NOT used on WABC. Over an hour of jingles. Certainly not! Page by Ben Baxter 33. PAMS Series 18 Contempo - Various: PAMS Series 26 KJR Seattle Sampler, 1964: PAMS Series 27,29 Jingles WOOW Greenville N. 8. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? 33. Looking to trade? I am open to most trades, just let me know what you’ve got to share! email WUVT was the first college station in the U. FILE WABC PAMS Series 31 Jock Cuts. (11:33) Another huge radio loss - first Jack Armstrong and now Big Ron. Shop Hallmark for the biggest selection of greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, gift wrap, home decor and gift ideas to celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings and more. Some jingles reflected the sensibilities of Crosby Stills and Nash, Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears and others. File: Size: Date/time: Artist: Title: Year: Album: Comment: Length This is a response to an old post I made like 10+ years ago. Over an hour and five Incoming search terms:kelly clarkson stronger mp3 download songslovercoldplay paradise mp3 download songsloveryhsm-inucbr_001megamind says the n worddownload lagu dimatamu cover fieya julia wapkaarijit singh jukebox mp3 download pagalworldsantali traditional video songs free downloadfloetry say yes mp3 download musicpleermp3 naat in dj in satyamevlove somebody maroon 5 mp3 download songslover History of Smith Broadcasting WBRC in Birmingham, Radio Stations, WAAY-TV and HiWAAY Internet Services (v 4. 38 MB) When 'Bob Raleigh' went to Boston, he spent the first few years doing middays (10- 2) at WHDH under Program Director and later General Manager, Al Brady Law. This composite was created from a reference dub of jingles produced by PAMS for WBBQ in Augusta, Georgia. S. Now, many shows might have just got some cheap, nasty, mock radio jingles done – maybe because they wanted cheap, or maybe because they wouldn’t have any idea companies exist whose entire purpose is to create radio jingles. They hadn't got their act together in time for a Christmas card, so the message only referred to the new year. The investors behind the project were based in Texas and they used a series of totally different names for interlocking companies for ownership purposes in order to disguise their interest. Although many of them had names , the ones which were most widely used are the "numbered series". There is a company that you can get traffic from and they let you try it for free. DoD approved these "donations" because they were "Found on Post". Even though PAMS Instrumental Series : c-174: XXXX: PAMS Memory Bank demo : 13: A+: c-067: XXXX: PAMS miscellaneous: PAMS narration history (portion)--includes cuts for ABC's "Love FM" (neap) 1: A: c-067: XXXX: PAMS miscellaneous: PAMS narration history (portion)--includes composite various jingles/stations (neap) 4: A: c-066: XXXX: PAMS miscellaneous Beatles jingles SB-07 Series 29 (PAMS) WPTR Albany, New York C-27 Series 30 (PAMS) WPTR Albany, New York R-17 Series 31 (PAMS) WPTR Albany, New York SB-04 Series 27 (PAMS) WPXI Roanoke, Virginia R-19 A Cappellas, Series 33, Series 35, Series 18 Sonovox (PAMS) WPXY Greenville, North Carolina CW-36 Satellite Radio (Storz) WQAM Miami, Florida CW-36 LIBRARY: DISC: CUT: Call Letters / ETC: Producer: YR: MO: DA: Description: Format: Config: Misc Notes: WABC JIN: 1: 17: ABC: PAMS: 1973: 1: AM Managers Song (Diff Jingles and Imaging Listed alphabetically by call letters Jingles, theme music collections, breakers, liners, bumpers and assorted in-house imaging and promotional spots produced by various sources for Bay Area radio stations. the famous KHJ "Boss Radio" package) Additionally, he recorded albums (the Johnny Mann Singers), and hosted a syndicated flag waving/patriotic sickeningly wholesome syndicated series called STAND UP AND CHEER. The original 1973 3WE package was a custom job done by PAMS, later syndicated as "Smilin' Through" (and much later syndicated again by KenR Inc. g. WLS Chicago PAMS Series 34 jingles. 1 went all Christmas in November 2004 and had jingles to go with it! Resings from WSNI from ReelWorld. The audio heard here is a crude recording off the air made with a microphone placed in front of a radio speaker from 09/08/64. This photo of the BENS singers was sent out to clients in 1970. Robin Seymour When Robin Seymour joined WKMH it was a little-known station in Dearborn, Michigan. Sudan's military removes President Omar al 06/1967 PAMS "Series 33 Fun Vibrations" Jingles [CDR] These packages may have certain jingles missing from the original full package but will include additional 3. All subsequent packages from 3WE's music days were done by TM. If you are looking for hard to – PAMS Series 13 “Target”, Cut #1, 1959 One recurring theme here on Dirty Feed can be summed up by the following: “Hey, jingles are fun”. Here is an example. To hear the complete Series 33 Fun Vibrations demo in its original form, please consider ordering The Magic of PAMS CD collection. 99 Great Jingles On One CD For Radio, Disco & Club This CD is packed with a varied selection of highly useable Deejay Jingles, Production Effects, Stingers, Staging, Digitally sampled Male and Female Voice-Overs, Party Songs, Club Jingles, Fanfares, Sound Effects, Comedy Inserts, Comedy Songs and a selection from the 'PAMS' back catalogue. If you would like to see us around for quite a while, we'd appreciate a donation, however small or large that may be! WAKY Jingles, Promos, Production, Etc. But the beauty of Pointless – as with all great programmes – is how much care is taken in the production. as "Your Radio. all broadcasting pop music interspersed with PAMS of Dallas inspired radio jingles and station idents. Some of the 28X cuts became part of series 28, 29 and Smart Set. The first music to be heard on the station was "Theme One", specially composed for the launch by George Martin. As has been previously commented, we have tried to verify that all the jingles listed were actually used on WABC. to buy PAMS jingles, the foremost jingles in the trade at that time and subsequently recognized as the best ever. This station was a Southeastern Top 40 legend, and they could afford the best. pams jingles series 33. Named series A word about “Smart Set. C. WGH purchased some of Series 32 and adapted the lyrics to be compatible with the "Fun" theme of Series 33. Download Radio Jingles Collection Torrent. WIEL PAMS Series 42, 43, & 44 Jingle Package Thank you to John Quincy from 79waky. From that package forward you can be sure to hear Moog in almost every package from PAMS through 1977. Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm, Washington, District of Columbia. I'm sure there are other examples but they don't come to mind right now. I just happened to download this from somewhere a couple of years ago. 1 : jazz package: stereo : unlisted: 105-m (wwwm)? pams: christmas: stereo : unlisted: 2ay: pams: 42a: mono: 75 FILE WABC PAMS Jingles Of The 1960's. She was featured on "Swiszle" (Series 32) in 1966, "Fun Vibrations" (Series 33) in 1967, and a number of custom packages too. Series 29-Go Go (1965) Riding the "a Go Go" craze, PAMS created this series which once again featured all-male vocals with fast-paced group backgrounds. (The late Chris Elliot, who had used the Sonovox device to record numerous jingles, explained that it was possible to obtain a vaguely similar effect by taking an electric shaver and pressing it into the vocal chords. pams: archive jingles-series 14-21 demos' 36. PAMS had about 12 or 13 jingles in its first series, and 23 in its second. Enjoy here the famous Series 18, Sonosational, featuring the first use of Sonovox. #C-20 Spotlight Dallas Volume I: WFAA These are the PAMS jingles heard on WFAA (located at both 570 and 820 on the dial at various times of the day in those years). Web style guide bbc radio. 1964 USA Radio Jingles. This 33-1/3 rpm record is a documentary tracing Radio Caroline’s start in 1964, its closure in March 1968 and its re-start in 1972. Mark Goodier takes over as presenter until the end of the year. It was Meek’s first big commercial success. Smith, III, Kirby Jones Smith, and M. Note they are very similar, yet different: Here is the demo version of a Series 33 "Fun" jingle: Fun Demo (48K) In fact PAMS named Series 39 “The Sherwood Series” and the cuts sounded like the contemporary music of the day. All graphics are self-produced; photos and other memorabilia found on this page originate from the private collection of the Webmaster and local citizens, and from the high generosity of other, history-loving people (credited throughout the Website S2blue are an innovative audio company who produce imaging jingles, music, e-learning audio, radio and TV commercials. 46 MB, Duration: 7 minutes and 57 seconds, Bitrate: 192 Kbps. The Series 49 A/B combined demo featured 62 cuts, but almost half of them were short edits of the original jingles. WING, another Great Trails station, did the same thing. Top 10 catchiest ad jingles of all time: Watch, hum and sing to yourself, be unable to stop doing so for 17 minutes afterwards. Recorded in the former TM studios on 1349 Regal Row Dallas on 13th March 1994. The BBC has a weird approach to its radio station streams. If anyone has the following jingles for trade, as given below, drop me and email (rider_97_98@yahoo. 7. PAMS cuts nowadays are not only familiar collectors items, but still being re-sung. We'll be happy to archive any WAKY jingle or promo tapes we don't already have to CD at no charge. mp3 [6. These are no longer in production or for sale by Ken R. Org topcat August 2005 Permalink The following is a summary of all of the jingles I've posted for downloading by the Jinglemad community. This was the premiere Top 40 in all of Canada for many years. 23 MB] He also produced "The History of Rock & Roll" and was involved with Watermark's "American Top 40". 20. Smith, IV History of Smith Broadcasting WBRC in Birmingham, Radio Stations, WAAY-TV and HiWAAY Internet Services (v 4. 18,000 likes. WKYC Mark Century Young Americans (5:15) Please check out our great selection of music from the 40’s to the present! All compact discs are in great condition. KQV PAMS 14K Custom Jingles 7. (1:42) This double CD contains the complete set of the famous Radio London jingles, 'Big L' was the first radio station in Europe to use jingles produced by the Dallas based jingles company - Pams. starting with PAMS series 33A and 33B, "Fun Vibrations" was recorded in 1967 for WABC New York to sound like the Beach Boys. Gary combined PAMS jingles received by his former employers WDGY, KQV, and WCFL with the donated CRC and Gwinsound jingles which sang 16 August – 20 September – Loud'n'proud, a series presented by DJ Paulette, is the UK's first national radio series aimed at a gay audience. WKYC PAMS Acapellas (8:57) 5. It must have been quite a shock the next day even with the announcements when the audience turned on fire 14 and heard the Music of Your Life. Leave a Comment or Cancel reply. KQV Intermountain Hey Mel Boy 11. ” This was perhaps, the most ambitious package PAMS recorded. On this page you'll find downloadable WAKY jingles, promos and other audio delights in MP3 format. Jerry Kiefer writes on May 8, 2008: "The first long package from the '50s: I've heard them before, on an old acetate that played from the inside out, labeled 'WKLO IDs'. PAMS Series #14 - WPOP was a dedicated customer of PAMS of Dallas through most of its music years. KQV PAMS 1972 Swirl 12


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