At RR Apparels we start the order development as soon as order is confirmed. The plant manager executes the order after having a detailed meeting with each of the department heads. Each step is taken very carefully, paper planning and programming is followed. The whole production schedule is monitored and gets updated on a daily basis.



At RR Apparels (Pvt) Ltd. our newly renovated knitting department consists of a combination of 20 machines of Fukhuara and Ssang Yong that is capable of producing over 100,000kg of fabric per month. Fukhuara machines are considered to be one of the best in the world when it comes to quality, productivity, versatility and reliability. Our knitting department operates 24 hours and is well monitored and supervised at all time with highly skilled machine operators who have been with us since over 20 years.


Dyeing is subcontracted under our technical supervision but it has been carefully chosen so our quality is not compromised. The dyeing house which we use consists of modern plant & machinery. Soft Flow machines of Fong, high temperature machines of Theis, Heliot and Tubetex Dryers. The dyeing technician has been in the industry for well over 30 years and their knowledge and experience together with the rest of the team gives us good quality which is color matched, controlled shrinkage, Required GSM. Our dyeing capacity is 160,000 kg per month. RR Apparels is well inline with the current market trends.

Apparels & Production

Cutting, Packing & Pressing

In Cutting, Packing & Pressing, the human resources that we use work on their duties very sincerely and they have been with the company for a long time. In cutting, dead cotton, holes, unevenness, dyeing faults, shade variation, needles marks from knitting get reported and are rectified in the first instance. Our pressing and packing department is well managed and is always inline with overall production cycle.


In RR Apparels, The sampling depart is exclusively engaged in making new style/samples, patterns for production and day to day sampling requirements such as ranges for the seasons, Approvals, Salesman Samples, color size, Size Set samples, Set Approvals and follow-ups.

Quality Control

Quality Control is the most essential aspect in production. There are multiple points for each of the stages of production where the fabric/garment gets checked in our industry unit. We have two separate checking departs where the order is processed after being completed during the production process. Highly skilled, trained and experienced staff is used in the checking departs as the defect should not pass from here even if moved from other stages of production. We have put great efforts in training and also educating our checking staff on regular basis to improve the quality of single garment. RR Apparels is responsible to complete the entire process very smoothly in order to deliver to garments as per the requirement.

Export & Shipping

Our export & shipping depart is well informed with the processing of export/import documentation. We use the best in the best names in the market as our forwarding who are available 24 hours 7 days a week. We are capable of handling urgent orders as well and to cater that, we put great efforts to book the very first flight which is available in order to deliver such orders.